miércoles, 13 de enero de 2021

Pink Sorbet/Sorbete Rosa

Hi Beauties:

You know that there are days when we don't want to leave the house but we have to. These days call for a quick and comfortable outfit. 

And what better that to wear a Loungewear set like the one I have here from Femme Luxe.

The advantage we have with this type of Loungewear is that you can do your errands and return home without worrying that you are wearing an uncomfortable outfit that you have to take off. I had already shown you a similar outfit here, and I also have a Wishlist here.

But as you know, Femme Luxe has a wide variety of clothing pieces at affordable prices and with the latest trends.Like Joggers,Tshirts, Black Lace Bodysuits, Jeans and beautiful dresses. I wanted to show you this outfit with a monochrome touch. So I used these tennis shoes of a similar shade and this purse. I included pearls to give it a more feminine touch.

Here is my outfit with each link. Don't forget to stop by Femme Luxe to learn more about their offers and promotions.

Let me know in the comments what you wear those days that you have to go out but don't want to go out.

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I hope you like it


(take care)


Hola Bellezas:

Ustedes saben que hay dias en los que no queremos salir de la casa pero tenemos que hacerlo. Estos dias requieren de un atuendo rapido y comodo. Que mejor que usar un conjunto de Loungewear como el que tengo aqui de Femme Luxe.

La ventaja que tienen con este tipo de Loungewear es que puedes hacer tus diligencias y regresar a tu casa sin preocuparte de que estas con un atuendo incomodo que te tengas que quitar. Yo ya les había mostrado un atuendo similar aquí y también tengo un Wishlist aquí

Pero como ustedes saben en 

Femme Luxe hay mucha variedad de  piezas de ropa a precios accesibles y con lo último en tendencias. 

Cómo Joggers,T shirts,Bodys de Encaje Negro,Jeans y vestidos hermosos. Quise darle a este atuendo un toque monocromático. 

Así que use unos tenis de un tono similar y esta cartera. Incluí perlas para darle un toque mas femenino.

Aquí les dejo mi atuendo junto a cada enlace.No olviden pasar por Femme Luxe para conocer mas de sus ofertas y promociones. 

Déjame saber en los comentarios que usas esos días que tienes que salir pero no quiere salir.

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espero que les guste




Set/Conjunto: Femme Luxe
Bag/Cartera: Me Salve Stores
Shoes/Zapatos: Walmart
Beya Accesories 

15 comentarios:

  1. That is a SUPER CUTE color! I think it's so perfect. I need to get this into my wardrobe!

  2. It's great when you can wear something comfortable and not have to change clothing when you get home. This is why I love casual summer clothing the way I do.

  3. I love a good Loungewear!
    I'm guessing that after the year we've had - loungewears are one thing that people have bought tons off :D

  4. When I have to go out these days, I keep it low key. It's usually jeans and a nicer shirt so I can be comfortable and still be presentable.

  5. I love that outfit, it's beautiful and looks really comfortable to wear. I will check that out!

  6. I have definitely known days when I didn't want to get out of the house. And I didn't, letting the day pass on me. Never had even an inkling of the idea that if I could wear something really comfortable and got out a bit, I'd feel better.

  7. I really love pink, and this outfit looks incredibly comfy. Such a cute look!

  8. Such a cool soothing colour and comfy look. I like it coz sometimes I really dont feel like putting on something tight. The attire looks perfect for a leisure dress up.

  9. I love this look of yours it is really comfortable. I always prefer comfortable clothes...

  10. These Ideas are super cute and useful.

  11. Such a cute and comfy outfit, it looks great on you! I really like this flattering shade of pink.

  12. Yes, I prefer loungewear now when going out especially for quick errand. Will check out Femme Luxe. Loving their sets as it looks so chic and really comfortable. Thanks you for the reco.

  13. I love this outfit, it is so cute. Looks great on you.


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