miércoles, 3 de junio de 2020

Smart Casual Athleisure / Deportivo Casual Elegante

Hi Beauties:

The Athleisure trend is here to stay. And we can see pieces of clothing inspired by this trend. Today I have an outfit with a top inspired by this athleisure trend. I think that each piece of clothing has multiple uses no matter from what trend it is.

This specific top has elements of this athleisure trend since its tied at the waist. But its multi-colored striped print inspired me to create a smart casual outfit. Since we use it with a skirt, we can give it that elegant casual touch. Just like I did here with this guava pink tones skirt.

Many people say that this trend is too casual and unfeminine, and I just think that we just have to be more versatile with our style. Here I have my outfit next to all the links.

Let me know in the comments if you have given your sportswear another use.

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Hola Bellezas:

La tendencia Deportiva llego aquí para quedarse. Y podemos ver piezas de ropa inspiradas en esta tendencia. Hoy les tengo un atuendo con una blusa inspirada en esta tendencia deportiva. Creo que cada pieza de ropa tiene múltiples usos no importa de que tendencia sea.

Esta blusa en especifico tiene elementos de esta tendencia deportiva ya que se amarra en la cintura. Pero su estampado de rayas de múltiples colores me inspiro a crear un atuendo casual elegante. Ya que si lo usamos con una falda podemos darle ese toque casual elegante. Tal y como lo hice aquí con esta falda en tonos rosa guayaba. 

Muchas personas dicen que esta tendencia es demasiado casual y poco femenina y yo solo pienso que hay que ser mas versátil con tu estilo. Aquí les tengo mi atuendo justo a todos los enlaces.

Déjame saber en los comentarios si le has dado otro uso a tu ropa deportiva.

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top/blusa: MeSalve Stores

skirt/falda: Capri Stores

clutch/cartera: Janiushka

shoes/zapatos: Rainbow Shops

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21 comentarios:

  1. What a very classy athletic style I admire and appreciate this outfit. Beautiful colors.

  2. This does look comfy and stylish. I really like the colors. You look fabulous!

  3. Such a fabulous outfit. Stylish but yet professional. I can't wait to dress up again

  4. I love that top. I like the cut and the texture. That skirt is cute too. Nice color combo!

  5. Me parece un look muy fresco y elegante. La combinacion de colores sobre todo le da un toque genial!

  6. i really like the blouse. it is something you could easily pair with a skirt or jeans. pumps or sandals. nice job.

  7. I love everything about this...the colors, the style and the shape of the outfit. Beautiful!

  8. I haven't mixed athleisure with other syles of clothing, but I really like the combination you came up with. It looks really pretty and the guava pink skirt matches the top so well.

  9. Wow! You look stunning in this outfit and the scenery is also beautiful. <3

  10. I love the blouse. I love the tie at the bottom. It's very fun and a gorgeous look. I have some t shirts that I love but are too big on me and I make a slit on one side and tie them..I really like the look of it.

  11. Wow..this outfit looks so stunning and adorable even you looks gorgeous in this outfit..perfect combo..color suits much on the desgining of outfit..loved it..(World in Eyes)

  12. The outfit is so smart and trendy. I like your blog very much. You share interesting attires. Once the lockdown is over and I get a chance to venture out, I am going to get one of these.

  13. I love your MeSalve Stores top! The colors are versatile for Spring or Fall! Ordering one for myself today!

  14. oh my Gos you look fantastic my friend ! and you rock this outfit kind regards Pati Robins @ style-squeeze.blog

  15. Lie the outfit and love the bold defining stripes on the shirt. Casual yet formal

  16. love your outfit! looks so very pretty! very nice skirt!

  17. That's a nice, sophisticate and modern look - great choice and thanks for sharing it, too! - Knycx journeying

  18. I love the look! It is really sophisticated but pretty!


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