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Style Basics: Fashion Morphology Hourglass Shape / Básicos de Estilo: Morfología de la Moda Figura Reloj de Arena

Hi Beauties:

Today I have the first post of 2020 but before that,
I hope you celebrated your new years eve in style and that 2020 gives you many blessings.
With that said,today we continue with my post series of Body Morphology. If you haven't seen the previous ones you can see the first one HERE and if you want to see the second one you can see it HERE and the third post is HERE. And as I said we are covering each figure individually and today we are going to talk about the hourglass figure.

It's characterized by having the same or similar shoulder and hip measurements and a smallest waist. It is a proportionate and balanced body type and is considered as the most feminine figure.

* The waist is well defined
* Bust and hips are balanced
* The upper part of the body is proportionate to the length of the legs.
* The legs are well formed
* The waist curves towards the hips
* Most of the time the back is rounded

This is my figure and I personally define the waist as much as possible in my outfits. It is one of the most feminine and balanced figures. But precisely because of its balance you have to know how to dress it since it can be unbalanced or even look different and I have sinned with this many times. Some celebrities with this body are Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, among others.

Now,I will tell you what you can and can't wear if you have this type of figure.

You can wear:
* Custom fitting clothing.
* Belts that define more the waist.
* High waist jeans.
* Pencil skirts, ¾ skirts and skirts with side or rear slits.
* Bodycon dresses, A line, fish line and mermaid cut
*Bell trousers and jeans
* Wrap Dress
* V necklines

You can't wear:
* Baggy and shapeless clothes
* Extremely tight or uncomfortable looking clothes
* Extra fabric at the hips or bust
* Empire cut dresses
* Straight cuts
* Babydoll style blouses
* Capri or cropped pants and very low waist
* Avoid short circular skirts, bubble skirts, with ruffles

As I have been telling you in the previous posts, I am not emphasizing the plus or petite figures. I'm just covering the figure in general.

Now, I will show you celebrities with this type of figure and also what they can ware and can't ware with this type of figure.
And as I always say, this is not to embarrass anyone who has this figure. It's so you can look good with it. Know what to ware or not.
The more you know what suits you and what doesn't, the better you can express yourself with your personal style.

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Hola Bellezas:

Hoy les tengo el primer post del 2020 pero antes,
espero que hayan celebrado su despedida de año por todo lo alto y que el 2020 les de muchas bendiciones.
Con eso dicho hoy continuamos con mi serie de post de la Morfología del cuerpo. Si no has visto los anteriores puedes ver el primero AQUÍ y si quieres ver el segundo puedes verlo AQUÍ y el tercer post esta AQUÍ.  Y como he dicho estamos cubriendo cada figura de manera individual y hoy vamos a hablar de la figura Reloj de Arena.

Reloj de Arena:
Se caracteriza por tener las medidas de los hombros y las caderas iguales o similares y la cintura mas pequeña. Es un cuerpo proporcionada y balanceado se considera como la figura mas femenina.

*La cintura es bien definida
* El busto y las caderas están equilibrados
*La parte superior del cuerpo está proporcionada con la longitud de las  piernas.
*Las piernas que están bien formadas
*La  cintura se curva hacia las caderas
* La mayoría de las veces el tracero es redondeado 

Esta es mi figura y en lo personal me encargo de definir la cintura lo mas posible en mis atuendos. Es una de las figuras mas femeninas y balanceadas. Pero precisamente por su balance hay que saber vestirla ya que se puede desbalancear o hasta lucir diferente y Yo misma he pecado en eso muchas veces. Algunas celebridades con este cuerpo lo son Scarlett Johansson,Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, entre otras. 

Ahora te diré que puedes y que NO puedes usar si tienes este tipo de figura.

Puedes Usar:
*Prendas a la medida.
*Cinturones que definan más la cintura.
*Jeans de cintura alta.
*Faldas  lápiz, faldas ¾ faldas y faldas con aberturas laterales o traseras.
*Vestidos Bodycon,Corte A, corte pescado y corte sirena
*Pantalones Campana
*Vestido "Wrap Dress"
*Escotes V

No Puedes Usar:
* Ropa holgada y sin forma
* Ropa extremadamente ajustada o incómoda
*Tela extra en las caderas o busto
*Vestidos corte Imperio
*Cortes rectos 
*Blusas estilo Babydoll
*Pantalones Capri o pesquero y muy bajos a la cadera
*Evitar faldas circulares cortas,faldas burbuja,con rizos

Como les he estado diciendo  en los post anteriores, no estoy enfatizando las figuras plus o petites. Solo estoy cubriendo la figura en general. 

Ahora,les mostrare las celebridades con este tipo de figura y también que pueden usar y que no pueden usar con este tipo de figura. 
Y como siempre digo,esto no es para avergonzar a nadie que tenga esta figura. Es para que pueda lucir bien con ella. Saber que usar o no.
Cuanto más sepas lo que te queda bien y que no, te podrás expresar mejor con tu estilo personal.

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Celebrities with Hourglass Figure /Celebridades con Figura Reloj de Arena

What You can wear/Lo que puedes usar

What you can't wear/Lo que no puedes usar

Disclaimer: these photographs are not my property they are extracted from the Internet. / Aclaratoria: estas fotografías no son de mi propiedad son extraídas del Internet. 

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  1. It is amazing how the clothes make your shape extra sexy :-D

  2. It is nice to see what looks best on each body type. I think it is very important to wear the right style, and fit for your shape. :)

  3. Gracias por los tips! Me sirven y mas ahora despues de las fiestas que me quede con unos kilitos de mas, esta muy bueno saber que es lo que más beneficia según tu tipo de cuerpo.

  4. Live this pose t. I have hour glass figure and although I've turned 27 and look 17 and enjoy the trends once in a while I need to start dressing my age aha and to be a bit mature and classy. But it's good to remember your body shape and what will look good on it! Not every piece of clothing enhances figure

  5. I like your series on what to wear according to the body type. I definitely need to share this with my gal pals! They would love it! :)

  6. These outfits are really beautiful and stylish I love all of these thanks for sharing!

  7. nice. i like the wrap dress you recommend wearing. also, is it just me or does the kardashian picture look weird and like she's spent too much time with her waist trainer? :)

    1. Yes,I saw the Vouge Interview. She has a corset and some spanks. She literally couldn't sit going to the met gala. She naturally has the Hourglass body type but the exaggerated it with all this surgeries.

  8. oooo I must be the basic knowledge for designer right? very cool

  9. Lovely outfits. Some of them are stunning. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thanks! I got frustrated last week as I want to buy one skirt, fabric is like sweater. Looks so nice but when I tried my hips look so wide and it doesen`t suit me. I really struggle sometimes lol These examples are really nice, thanks!

  11. I love how your suggestions can help highlight the best aspects of someone's figure. Super helpful.

  12. Nnnniiiccceeeeee....I love how it all fits most perfectly on Scarlett Johann son! I will keep this in mind.

  13. Thank you for the amazing tips! I love hourglass looks on people!

  14. Very good tips here! Who doesn't like a good hourglass figure!

  15. Very beneficial informations, thanks for sharing :)

  16. Such good tips, thank you! It's amazing how one thing can look good on someone but not good on someone else just bc of body shape.

  17. wow, Happy New Year! I follow you on gfc #827 , follow back?

  18. I love reading style tips. After having 5 pregnancies and my youngest is now 2, I am ready to add more to my wardrobe besides 'mom's clothes
    I have an hourglass figure so this was helpful in what clothes I should pick out.

  19. I love all the outfits! It's perfect! I hope they are affordable too!

  20. I remember going through a lot of this information when I was in modeling school as a kid. It is always fun to see what clothes go with what body type. Thanks for sharing!

  21. I hope you had a wonderful new year eve as well. Awesome tips and I can see it helps with look of the body shape, nice series.

  22. Very interesting post. By the was I whish u happy New Year.


  23. That is my dream body shape! As of now, it is still a dream. Haha. Anyway, thank you for the style/clothing tips. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  24. I think most women want an hourglass body shape. Its one of the most feminine shapes to have.

  25. Some of the outfits are super amazing I really love few of them.

  26. nice post dear :) I follow you on gfc #829 ,follow back?

  27. Love your blog very easy to read and informative. Do yiu have a YouTube UK chanel x

  28. Nice post :) I follow you on gfc # 830 , follow back? :))

  29. I always have trouble with my shape. I'm top heavy and not a lot of blouses work for my figure.


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