viernes, 31 de enero de 2020

Intense / Intenso

Hi Beauties:

Since finally,the eternal month of January,that sincerely was an intense one is over,I wanted to make an outfit with this intense red sweater from Dresslily
I really like the wooden buttons details and I admit that it fit me a little loose but I like that
I can ware it off the shoulders.

I wanted to combine it with these classic blue jeans and these neutral color boots to balance the striking sweater. I think this outfit is perfect for rainy,foggy days or those that the weather is crazy and the temperature drops unexpectedly but not low enough... I think many of you know what I mean.

Here is my Outfit and links next to each piece.Don't forget to go Dresslily and register to know more about their offers and promotions.

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I hope you like it
(take care)

Hola Bellezas:

Ya que por fin, se acaba el eterno mes de enero que sinceramente fue uno intenso, quise hacer un atuendo con este suéter de este rojo intenso de Dresslily. Me gusta mucho el detalle de los botones de madera y si les admito que me que me queda un poco suelto pero me gusta ya que lo puedo llevar con los hombros al descubierto.

Quise combinarlo con este mahón azul clásico y estas botas de color neutral para balancear lo llamativo del suéter. Creo que este atuendo es perfecto para días lluviosos,brumosos o de esos que el clima esta loco y baja la temperatura inesperadamente pero no baja lo suficiente... Creo que muchos de ustedes saben a lo que me refiero.

Aquí les dejo mi atuendo junto a cada enlace.No olviden pasar por Dresslily y registrarse para conocer mas de sus ofertas y promociones.

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espero que les guste

sweater/suéter: Dresslily

jeans/mahones: Fashion Nova

boots/botas: La Gloria


17 comentarios:

  1. Looks great, I love this look :-D

  2. Very cute outfit. I have never shopped on Dress Lilly. Thank you for sharing this because I love fashion and I love discovering new places to shop. I wear a size 5, but I’m short so my body is a bit curvy and sometimes it is hard to find clothes that fit right.

  3. Very nice outfit! Red looks really good on you! :)

  4. We had a volcano erupt, suffered from ashfall, and now have the Corona virus in our midst. January was indeed intense to say the least.

  5. That is a great look. I really love that sweater.

  6. Chic outfit! I've never heard of Dress Lilly, I'll have to check it out!

  7. Aww you look so pretty, such a cute outfit. i'm super short and it hard to find pants that don't drag on the ground!

  8. I'm not much of a sweater person, but I LOVE this one! It's so different and unlike any other!

  9. Oh I really liked that swetter, right up my alley with the different kind of cut :)

  10. Me encanta el look! El jersey te queda precioso y lo es también!

  11. It looks so great on you..! The color suits you and I love its off shoulder style.

  12. Dresslily certainly seems to be the store to look up to. Fabulous dress.

  13. Love the styling of this one! I definitely feel that I could pull this version

  14. That's a sweet outfit you got there! The boots pull it all off. Mostly, I love how the laces can be tied together in numerous ways.

  15. I absolutely love those buttons! It ties it all together. I really like your boots too.

  16. so cute! i love that top you have there. though it may be lose, the off-shoulder somehow added some details. <3 love it.


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