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Style Basics: Fashion Morphology Rectangular Shape / Básicos de Estilo: Morfología de la Moda Figura Rectangular

Hi Beauties:

Today we continue with my post series of Body Morphology. If you have not seen the first post you can see it HERE. As I had said, we will cover each body type individually and today we start with the Rectangular or Straight Figure.

Rectangular or Straight Figure:
It's characterized by having the same measurements on the shoulders, waist and hips. Hence its name. It's a type of body that usually looks athletic and that is quite popular since the catwalk models tend to have it.

* The weight is even distributed throughout the body
* The hips are as wide as the shoulders.
* The waist is little or not defined
* Breasts tend to be small or normal size

The advantage of this Body Type is that it is one of the easiest to style. That explains why it's the body type most used by designers. It's practically a blank Canvas. We have to keep in mind that this body can be in the petite figures as in the plus ones. Some celebrities with this body type are Natalie Portman,
Cameron Diaz, Eva Langoria among others. Now,I will tell you what you can and can't wear if you have this type of figure.

You can wear:
* Tight and custom clothing
* Short jackets
* Pants and mid waist skirts
* Shirts inside pants and skirts
* Sweetheart neckline, word of honor or any other neckline that can show the collarbone.
* A-Line Dresses, Empire Cut, Tunics, Mermaid Cut and Bodycon Dresses
* Belts to accentuate the waist
* Ruffle and Elaborate Shoulders
* "Skinnie" jeans and pants
* Mini Skirts
* Pencil cut knee length skirts for curves

You can't wear:
* Clothing without any type of form or straight
* Clothing with vertical stripes
* Short shirts or Crop Tops that lengthen the torso
* High waist pants without accentuating the waist
* Crossed jackets
* Square toe shoes
* Straight Long Dresses
* Jackets with large shoulder pads

I want to tell you that I am not emphasizing the plus or petite figures. Each of these figures has some additional details that must be avoided and highlighted. I'm just covering the figure in general.

Next, I will show you celebrities with this type of figure and also what you can use and cannot use with this type of figure. No person should be categorized by their figure but the figures must be categorized so that each person can take the best advantage of it.
The more you know what suits you and what doesn't, the better you can express yourself with your personal style.

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Hola Bellezas:

Hoy continuamos con mi serie de post de la Morfología del cuerpo. Si no has visto el primer post puedes verlo AQUÍ.Como les había comentado vamos a cubrir cada tipo de cuerpo de manera individual y hoy comenzamos con la Figura Rectangular o Recta.

La Figura Recta:
Se caracteriza por tener las mismas medidas en los hombros,cintura y caderas. De ahí su nombre. Es un tipo de cuerpo que suele lucir atlético y que es bastante popular ya que las modelo de pasarela tienden a tenerlo.

*El peso esta igualmente distribuido en todo el cuerpo
*Las Caderas son Igual de anchas que los hombros.
*La cintura es poco o no esta definida
*Los senos tienden a ser pequeños o tamaño normal

La ventaja de este tipo de cuerpo es que es uno de los mas fáciles de estilizar. Eso explica porque es el cuerpo mas utilizado por los diseñadores. Practicamente es un Canvas en blanco. Tenemos que tener en cuenta que este cuerpo puede estar en las figuras petites como en las plus. Algunas celebridades con este cuerpo lo son Natalie Portman,
Cameron Diaz, Eva Langoria entre otras. Ahora te diré que puedes y que NO puedes usar si tienes este tipo de figura.

Puedes Usar:
*Ropa ajustada y  a la medida
*Chaquetas Cortas
*Pantalones y Faldas a mitad de cintura
*Camisas dentro de los pantalones y faldas
*Escote corazón,palabra de honor o todo escote que muestre la clavícula.
*Vestidos Corte A, Corte Imperio, Túnicas,Corte Sirena y Bodycon
*Correas para acentuar la cintura
*Hombros Rizados y Elaborados
*Pantalones "Skinnie"
*Mini Faldas
*Faldas corte lápiz hasta la rodilla para creas curvas

No Puedes Usar:
* Ropa sin forma o recta
*Ropa con rayas verticales
*Camisas cortas que alarguen el torso
*Pantalones altos a la cintura sin acentuar la cintura
*Chaquetas cruzadas
*Zapatos de punta cuadrada
*Vestidos Largos Rectos
*Chaquetas con hombreras grandes

Quiero decirles que no estoy enfatizando las figuras plus o petites. Cada una de esas figuras tiene unos detalles adicionales que hay que evadir y resaltar. Solo estoy cubriendo la figura en general. 

A continuación,les mostrare las celebridades con este tipo de figura y también que pueden usar y que no pueden usar con este tipo de figura. Ninguna persona debe de se catalogada por su figura pero las figuras deben de ser catalogadas para que cada persona le saque la mejor  ventaja. 
Cuanto más sepas lo que te queda bien y que no, te podrás expresar mejor con tu estilo personal.

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Celebrities with Rectangular Shape/Celebridades con Figura Rectangular

What You can wear/Lo que puedes usar

What you can't wear/Lo que no puedes usar

Disclaimer: these photographs are not my property they are extracted from the Internet. / Aclaratoria: estas fotografías no son de mi propiedad son extraídas del Internet. 

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  1. How informative! We all have different bodies, we all wear clothes differently, and I for one need this knowledge to know how best to shop for my body type! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thats what makes the world go around, all the different body types. The problem is knowing what to wear for your particular body type. This is a very informative article to help decide what is best for you. Can't wait to see more.

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  5. I always enjoy reading tips when it comes to shopping for my body shape. Your posts are enjoyable and they actually give me ideas when it comes to shopping for my business.

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    thanks for the info and tips, really help understand more about our body ♥


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  10. You've got some great tips here. Honestly, while I knew some of the tips that you listed I never would have considered that wearing square toed shoes may not have the effect I was looking for! Goes to show you how a smaller detail like that can make such a big difference.

  11. My shape is pear, the fashion goal is to elongate the figure so that it look less bottom-heavy. The first line of attack to reaching this goal is to balance the hips and your shoulders while showing off the curves.

  12. Great piece of advise! it definitely works and works great! Lovely items for sure

  13. we have to respect our bodies and also other peoples bodies and that is where beauty lies. I am grateful that you have written this article and i will show it to my wife and daughter thanks
    Jerry Godinho

  14. what a great post! so informative! great advices on what items will look great for a square shaped body. thanks for sharing!

  15. This is very informative! It is good to know which kinds of clothing style would suit a body type. I guess I am not the rectangular type, but I will keep checking your blog for future posts like this.

  16. Hhhhhmmmm....I didn't even know about this kind of body morphology! Now that you mention Natalie Portman, it all makes so much more sense.

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  18. This was such an interesting and informative post! I love how you cover what looks good and bad with each body type. I am looking forward to this continued series.


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