domingo, 14 de octubre de 2012

Ootd Fall #14/Add Otoño #14

Hello Beauties:

I bring you the outfit of the day Fall #14. And I really like this blouse it has animal print and the shape of the blouse can  be use within my skirts and pants and outside them too. This time I decided to use it pretty casual. And since I had so much print on the blouse I decided to use a few accessories and also use a vest to hide the pattern. I didn't want the print to be too obvious.Not that the print was bad.But as the outfit is casual I decided to use the vest that was even more casual and comfortable.

Hope you like it

(Take care)


Hola Bellezas:

Aquí les traigo el atuendo del día de Otoño #14.Y me gusta mucho esta blusa tiene estampado animal y la forma de la blusa hace que la pueda usar dentro de mis faldas y pantalones como fuera. Esta vez decidí usarla bastante casual. Y como la blusa tiene tanto estampado decidí usar pocos accesorios y también use un chaleco para disimular el estampado. No quería que se viese demasiado obvio. Y no es que el estampado se viese mal. Pero como el atuendo es casual pues decidí usar el chaleco para que se viese aun mas casual y cómodo.

Espero que les guste


vest/chaleco :Infinito Stores

blouse/blusa:Aguadilla Flea Market/Pulguero de Aagudilla

bag/cartera:Aguadilla Flea Market/Pulguero de Agaudilla

jeans/mahones:Grand Store

shoes/zapatos: Humberto Vidal Shoe Stores

My Accessories/Mis Accesorios

bangles/pulseras:Aguadilla Flea Market/Pulguero de Aguadilla

earrings/pantallas:Marianne Store

5 comentarios:

  1. Cool casual outfit, I like the wooden bracelets :)

  2. likeee your blog,
    keep posting and go for it!! :):)


  3. thanks for visiting my blog and ur sweet comments! now following u back as well dear :)


  4. Hello Jessica. This is a very cute top and you look good on it. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and following. I return the love, just followed you on GFC.



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