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Neutral Position / Posición Neutral

 Hi Beauties:

Today I bring you a simple and easy to replicate transition outfit. Neutral colors always go hand in hand no matter what season.It's just a matter of accommodating it and thanks Dresslily I can show you this Cardigan that is perfect for a transactional day.

Transactional days are days where the weather has not yet decide, that's it, it can be hot and change to cold or it can be cold and get hot, on those days it is good to wear basic and simple timeless clothing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against colors nor do I want to tell you that you can't start wearing spring clothes but it is good to wear clothes appropriate for that weather.

This Cardigan is simple and covering enough to wear when it is windy but at the same time light enough not to die in the heat. I wanted to add a smart casual touch to this outfit, so wear these flared pants and combine it as neutrally as possible. This outfit is perfect for a day at the office, an errand day, or a lunch date.

Here are the photos of my outfit along with the links, don't forget to visit Dresslily to find out about their offers and promotions.

Let me know in the comments if you like to wear neutral colors.

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I hope you like it


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Hola Bellezas:

Hoy Les traigo un atuendo de transición sencillo y fácil de replicar. Los colores neutrales siempre van de la mano no importa que temporada. Sólo es cuestión de acomodarlo y gracias Dresslily puedo enseñarles este Cárdigan que va perfecto para un día transaccional.

Los días transaccionales son días donde el clima no se deciden es decir puede estar caluroso y cambiar a frío o puede estar frío y ponerse caluroso en esos días es bueno vestir con ropa atemporal básica y simple. No me malinterpreten no estoy en contra de los colores ni tampoco quiero decirles que no puedan empezar a usar ropa de primavera pero es bueno usar ropa apropiada para ese clima.

Este Cárdigans es simple y lo suficientemente cubridor para llevarlo puesto cuando hace viento pero a la misma vez lo suficientemente ligero para no morir nos con calor. Quise darle un toque casual elegante a este atuendo Así que use estos pantalones campana y lo combine lo más neutral posible. Este atuendo es perfecto para un día en la oficina un día de hacer diligencias o un una cita de almuerzo. 

Aquí les dejo las fotos de mí atuendo junto a los enlaces no olviden pasar por Dresslily para que se enteren de sus ofertas y promociones.

Déjame saber en los comentarios si te gusta usar colores neutrales.

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espero que les guste




cardigan/cárdigan: Dresslily

top/blusa: Shein

jeans/mahones: Chulerias

bag/cartera: Calvin Klein

shoes/zapatos: Humberto Vidal

beya accesories

19 comentarios:

  1. A true and simple story told with an outfit in an equally equal way, which reflects its meaning! I love the cardigan!

  2. Cute sweater. I do not wear camel very much. My main neutral is grey but maybe I will give this a try.

  3. Que bien sienta, además es un color que me encanta. Saludos

  4. The versatility of cardians is why I love them so much. They're great for warm or cool weather, and they go with so many different looks.

  5. My cardigans are mostly quite neutral in color. I like to use more color in my sweaters and T-shirts

  6. Love your outfit! I'm all about neutral colors too, always a safe choice!

  7. I love neutrals too. You looked so great with that cardigan.

  8. I do like to wear neutral colors, those outfits do look good on you.

  9. You have created a lovely story and then elaborated the dress so nicely. I like the colour and design.

  10. That sweater is SO cute. I'm usually one for bright colors, but neutrals help to not look out of control.

  11. I would definitely wear that entire outfit. It looks so classic.

  12. I am such a big fan of neutral colours! I do love a pop of colour every once in awhile! thanks for sahring

  13. I love neutrals! You can wear them whatever season and it is timeless!

  14. Yyyaaaayyyyyy! Neutrals are the best, let nobody dare argue about this! (hihi). Just look at you....so beautiful!

  15. I feel like wearing the outfit. It looks so classic.
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