miércoles, 2 de septiembre de 2020

Flowers with Sun / Flores con Sol

Hi Beauties:

Summer dresses are essential for this time of year. They come in many varieties and in many patterns. Today, I want to show you this Dresslily floral print dress which I think is perfect for summer.

I like this cross effect that it has and its tulip cut. It's something that makes the dress look sexy but elegant and only by its color and silhouette we know that it's cool to withstand high temperatures.
But I can't wear a simple dress without adding accessories. So I didn't waste my time, and I used it with a Jean vest, a floppy hat to fight the sun and my straw bag. Along with some yellow accessories to highlight the color of the print.

Here I leave you the photos of my outfit along with the links of the pieces. Don't forget to stop by Dresslily and register, so you can find out more about their sales and promotions.Enjoy 20% Discount with CODE: DLBF20

Let me know in the comments if you like the floral print for Summer.

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I hope you like it
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Hola Bellezas:

Los vestidos de verano son esenciales para esta época del año. Vienen en muchas variedades y en muchos estampados. Hoy, les quiero mostrar este vestido de flores de Dresslily que creo que es perfecto para el verano.
Me gusta este efecto cruzado que tiene y su corte de Tulipán. Es algo que hace ver el vestido  sexy pero elegante y solamente por su color y silueta sabemos que es fresco para soportar las altas temperaturas.
Pero no puedo usar un simple vestido sin sumarle accesorios. Así que no perdí mi tiempo y lo use con un chaleco de Mahón una pamela para combatir el sol y mi cartera de paja. Junto con algunos accesorios amarillos para resaltar el color del estampado.

Aquí les dejo las fotos de mi atuendo junto a los enlaces de las piezas. No olviden pasar por Dresslily y registrarse para que se puedan enterar de sus ventas y promociones.Disfruta de un 20% de descuento con el CÓDIGO: DLBF20

Déjame saber en los comentarios si te gusta el estampado floral para Verano.

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espero que les guste

hat/sombrero: Me Salvé Stores

vest/chaleco : Capri Stores

dress/vestido: Dresslily

bag/cartera: Amazon

sandals/sandalias: Rainbow Shops

Rainbow Shops,Beya Accesories,Chulerias Stores

24 comentarios:

  1. That's a really pretty dress. I love the yellow floral. It looks like just the kind of thing my wife would love.

  2. That dress is so amazing! I'm in love with that color and the print. It's so beautiful.

  3. You look beautiful. I love the way that dress looks. The print is really nice.

  4. Your sense of color matching is amazing. The greenery is also an excellent background. And the dress is spot on ��

  5. Perfectly matched and fashionable. Nothing extra! Super!

  6. Love this outfit. I am big on flowers, so this is the perfect dress.

  7. This is my favorite dress yet form Dresslily! I am heading over using your discount code as my daughter wants some new dresses and this will be the perfect shop to snag some beautiful pieces all while saving some dough.


  8. I admit that I really like this dress, it is a very delicate floral as well as very elegant!

  9. I love the summer time as then I can wear my favorite clothes, namely dresses. I always feel too cold during other seasons for such outfits. I love your dress and how you combined it with your accessories.

  10. I love your style.The dress is really cozy and with beautiful florals.The denim half coat and the bag completes the look.Thank you for sharing.

  11. Super love your photos, you embraced summer perfectly especially with that owesome dress, wow...

  12. That is such a nice dress. It looks very good on you. It works perfect as a summer fall or spring dress.

  13. I love the way you styled this dress! I usually like floral prints for spring, but it definitely works for summer too, especially in yellow. ☀️🙂💛🌻

  14. super cute dress! love the flowers and the size of them. makes it a great dress for both summer and fall transition

  15. Wow! First of all you look really amazing on your outfit, it makes you standout and mesmerizing. Loved it!

  16. You look great in that dress! And I'm digging all the accessories!

  17. What a pretty summer dress and a great way to wear yellow for someone like me who loves the colour but doesn't look good in too much.

  18. That is such a cute dress and the shoes are perfect!

  19. You look wonderful in that dress! Your styling is on point too. Love the cut and it definitely exudes summer vibes.

  20. I love the dress! You did fantastic! It's so nice. My best friend would love it!

  21. I love your retro summery look! I am so not ready for Fall

  22. Hhhhmmmm...no, I don't dig it that much but it sure looks good on you.


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