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Cocktail Dresses and Short Ball Gowns Trends with Babyonline / Tendencias de vestidos de Cóctel y Vestidos de Baile Cortos con Babyonline

Hello Beauties:

Last week I was talking about wedding dresses that can be found online. But this week I wanted to talk about where you can find Cocktail Dresses (Cocktail Kleider) that are a holiday classic. They are sexy and playful in their elegance. And by the way, I wanted to mention the alternative of long dresses, Short ball Gowns (Kurze Ballkleider) these dresses are elegant and youthful,perfect for any formal dance.

And this new dress trends are another alternative to the dresses we commonly see and  you can find them at Babyonline Wholesale.I had already told you guys  that Babyonline Wholesale is an online store that specializes in wedding dresses, evening dresses, cocktail dresses, dance dresses among other types of dresses. As there are enough to choose from, I decided to look for transition dresses from summer to fall.

Here I leave you the styles with their links. Don't forget to stop by www.babyonlinewholesale.com so you can see the wide variety of dresses they have and let me know in the comments which of the 3 styles is your favorite.
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Hola Bellezas:

La semana pasada les estaba hablando de los vestidos de novia que se pueden encontrar en linea. Pero esta semana les quería hablar de donde pueden hallar Vestidos de Cóctel(Cocktail Kleider) que son un clásico para las fiestas. Son sexys y juguetones dentro de su elegancia. Y de paso les quería mencionar la alternativa de los vestidos largos,Vestidos de Baile Cortos(Kurze Ballkleider) estos vestidos son elegantes y juveniles perfectos para cualquier baile formal. 

Y nuevas tendencias de vestidos son otra alternativa a los  vestidos  que comúnmente vemos y que los puedes encontrar en 
Babyonline Wholesale.
Ya yo les había hablado que Babyonline Wholesale es una tienda online que se especialisa en vestidos de novia, vestidos de noche,vestidos de coctel,vestidos de baile entre otro tipos de vestidos. Como  hay bastantes para escoger decidí buscar vestidos de transición de verano a otoño.

Aquí les dejo los estilos junto a sus enlaces. No olvides pasar por www.babyonlinewholesale.com para que puedas ver la gran variedad de vestidos que tienen y déjame saber  en los comentarios cual de los 3 estilos es tu preferido.

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16 comentarios:

  1. Second and the last dress are so beautiful. I like them. <3

  2. Those dresses are absolutely beautiful. I love the fairy vibe of a few of them. They're all gorgeous.

  3. All these dresses have such a magical vibe to them. They're so pretty.

  4. My husband has a graduation coming up and I have been wondering where to shop for a dress. I think that this online boutique is the perfect place and I will share with you what I get! :-)

  5. Those dresses look incredibly beautiful. I think shopping on this online boutique is the perfect idea.

  6. These are all adorable dresses. My oldest is going to prom this year and would likely choose one of these.

  7. These are all so cute and pretty! They remind me of princesses from fairy tale books.

  8. Amazing and beautiful outfit, keep up.

  9. I love all these dresses especially the last two .. so beautiful! I would check out this website if I were to look for cute cocktail dresses.

  10. EVA is my favorite dress out of all of them! They're super cute though!

  11. Such a great dresses,
    I like the second one,it's classy and stunning ♥


  12. Such beautiful dresses! I love the one with the red flowers!

  13. Cocktail Dresses and Short Ball Gowns are a hit! I hope my girl friends would see this. They'll want one for sure.

  14. These are some really pretty dresses! I bet my daughters would be all over these!

  15. These cocktail dresses look so pretty. I believe any teenages will love to wear them to the prom and party.

  16. I love most of the exhibited dresses but the second one would be my favorite out of all. All look classy though.


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